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Walking in Purpose

A few days ago, after my semester ended it was my intention to create content again, this was something I enjoyed and just didn't have the time to pursue during the semester. In this season on my life, it was really challenging.So today, I decided to put one foot in front of the other and see where it takes me. Starting at the Oxford Exchange, for a Monday it was extremely crowded and not a welcoming area for content creation when I asked someone in the front if I could set up my tripod. I had only two options in my phone from research via TikTok, and the 2nd place on my list was right across the street. The coffee shop was called "Lady and theMug", it was such great lighting and a very friendly atmosphere.Again, I asked in advance if I could content create and got to work. When I started, another content creator named Nay came up and introduced herself, she was so sweet and fun, and we just roamed around downtown Tampa area chatting and getting to know each other's perspective on content creating and where life has taken us so far.It felt like we were just meant to meet today, and she really KILLS everything she puts together and I'm so excited to work with her for future collabs. On that note, walking in your purpose could put you in the right place at the right time. Enjoy these pictures that Nay captured today, and I hope you progress to where you are most needed, whatever it might be stop ignoring it.

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