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One Bruk Nursing Student!

I was today years old when i realized i haven't been living enough life, 22 with not much passport stamps, we'll be adding on memories, experiences, and a travel life so come catch ah vybz!

Girl..i can't even

So let me just explain myself, i haven't lived as much as i'd like to and let me tell you why. I'm always stuck in my head, i'm always over-stressing and over-evaluating things, over-thinking Gemini at it's finest. i couldn't tell you the last time i sat back and took a breathe, enjoyed what life has to offer, i don't ever want to perceive myself as ungrateful, i thank god for giving me a life to live but i'm sure he and i can both agree that we would like to see me to do a little more living and a little less stressing. Balancing my time, opening my heart to change, and bringing some self love along the way. Leaving my pocket book at home.

School Life >>> A change in direction


i see this number everywhere i go, it just honestly pops up in my face no matter how hard i try to ignore it. New beginnings, i have literally packed up my old life in boxes upon boxes and threw each and every single one of them out the window, out with the old and in with the new, new location, new number, new links, we are cleaning this house of all impurities and bad karma. Cheers to new beginnings and new majors, BSN i see you boo and i'm striding towards you on my time. Social media or anyone around me won't make me feel like i'm not moving fast enough for them, this is about me. Everything here is for me, and this angel is open to share my mind and life experiences with you.


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